We’re a New York City based team of user experience design specialists helping companies build better software, integrating with client products at any point in their lifecycle.

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We explore your most important product problems and provide an actionable set of next steps to resolve them.

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Through wireframes, InVision prototypes, and guided workshops we’ll help your team get to UX that delivers.

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Bolt an integrated design and engineering team onto your company to get your iOS project off the ground today.

We help companies design for a connected world.

How? By putting the customer and mobile & emerging technologies at the center of our design process.

Client Partners


“Working with the Mr. UX team felt like we suddenly had a design department. Without them this version of our platform and its success would not have been possible.”

Piers Fawkes — Founder, PSFK

“We approached Mr. UX with just an idea and they took the project and ran with it, conceptualizing an amazing prototype that helped us to shape and materialize the vision we had for our company.”

Caitlin Zaino — Founder, Porter & Sail

They have an amazing capacity to zero in on exactly the right set of features and user flow – and only that.  A rare find, generous with their time, talent, and energy.”

Bridget Goodbody — PHD & Founder, Art Intelligence

Is This the Future of Email?

Mr. UX conceived, designed, and built the world’s first visual email app for the iPad called BirdseyeMail. Russian telecom giant, Yandex, bought it for an impressive 10x ROI to funding partners.

How does an innovative media company put its content in front of more customers?

Mr. UX redesigned PSFK.com to help the company reach their audience, keep them reading, and attract advertising partners. 

How does the luxury traveler find the best hotels?

Our team helped this New York City startup redesign their mobile user experience to seamlessly deliver curated recommendations to the savvy traveler, setting the stage for Porter and Sail’s next round of fundraising.

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