1 Day Workshop

You need a fresh set of eyes on your project. Maybe you’re not converting on your goals. Maybe you just can’t figure out how a flow or interface should work. We’ve created a cost-effective way for you to get help today.


Sometimes all you need is a new perspective. In the one-day workshop, we send over an expert UX strategist to meet with your team and interact with your product. We start early, going through your designs or prototypes to isolate what’s working — and what’s confusing or underperforming. It’s fun and upbeat as the ideas start flowing.

Use us as a sounding board for your ideas. Or, leverage us as a hands-on technical resource — or both. We help you check the work you’ve been doing, and give you new ways to get to the next phase of development. When our time’s up, we’ll summarize our work together and deliver a customized plan so that your team can move forward with confidence.


1. A full day guided workshop

2. A senior level UX designer

3. An audit of your UX & Product

4. A project plan & recommendations

5. A fresh perspective that moves your company forward


Ready to start? Ready to take a deep dive into your product? Please reach out and start a conversation.

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