Design Sprint

You need to add dimension to your product. Maybe you have a cocktail napkin doodle that needs to become a fully formed spec, or an MVP that needs to evolve. Or, you want to optimize an existing product. Drawing from the best practices of Lean UX and Lean Startup, we’ve created cost-effective ways for you start designing today.


The design sprint is a smart first step when you’re creating new features or products. Over two full-time weeks, we quickly design and launch your product into testing. Along the way, we clarify the problem that your product solves, generate several potential solutions, and give you full preliminary specs for a prototype.The process is fast and intense to minimize costs and help you to see faster how well your approach is working.

You assign a key person from your team to help us understand your competitive landscape and work with us on finalizing design and testing. We demonstrate the core user experience of the prototype, and welcome input from other departments in your company to make sure the product meets everyone’s expectations.


1. A product that solves your problem, and that your team feels proud of

2. A dedicated Mr. UX design team (a product strategist and a designer)

3. A clear problem definition and solution hypothesis

4. Two weeks of full-time, intensive work from us

5. An InVision prototype that looks and feels like a real product

6. Design specs and style guide

7. Specifications robust enough to get cost estimates and start implementation


Ready to start? Ready to take a deep dive into your product? Please reach out and start a conversation.

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