You’ve got an exciting project in the pipeline. Kick off your vision, understand your audience and assess your competition in our intensive Discovery session. We’ll define the problem your idea solves, and set you up for a successful launch.


Moving from idea to product requires a foolproof vision, a true understanding of users’ needs, and an overview of the competitive landscape.

In traditional planning that can take a lot of time. In Discovery, Mr. UX draws on up-to-the-moment design and business thinking to help your idea get up and running quickly. Drawing on concepts from Lean Startup, we get the fundamentals down in days to move you closer to design and testing in an iterative and cost-effective way.

To make sure that you are building the right thing, we also get out of the building to talk to potential customers. We ask them to experiment with what we hand them. Their questions and interactions help us pinpoint problems we hadn’t anticipated or discover competitors we hadn’t seen before.

Approaching your product in this explorative way, we avoid making the mistakes that come with designing and developing too early and too quickly. We help you get things right the first time.


1. A dedicated Mr. UX product strategist.

2. A comprehensive analysis of your competitive landscape.

3. A thorough understanding of what makes your product stand out.

4. A definition of your audience in the form of preliminary customer personas.

5. A shareable customer engagement survey to use online or as a conversation guide.

6. The knowledge to build an effective product, or to continue information-gathering before you build.


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