How do you deliver a competitive edge to the commercial real estate expert?

Mr. UX redesigned, the New York Observer’s platform for commercial real estate, launching new tools, data and content to give an unprecedented view into this $15 trillion industry.

Is this the future of email?

Mr. UX conceived, designed, and built the world’s first visual email app for the iPad called BirdseyeMail. Russian telecom giant, Yandex, bought it for an impressive 10x ROI to funding partners.

How does an innovative media company put its content in front of more customers?

Mr. UX redesigned to help the company reach their audience, keep them reading, and attract advertising partners. 

How does the luxury traveler discover the best things to do?

Our team helped this New York City startup redesign their mobile user experience to seamlessly deliver curated recommendations to the savvy traveler, setting the stage for Porter and Sail’s next round of fundraising.

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