Birdseye Mail

Mr. UX conceived, designed, and built the world’s first visual email app for the iPad called BirdseyeMail. Russian telecom giant, Yandex, bought it for an impressive 10x ROI to funding partners.


Managing 30 – 50 emails a day on the iPad rarely feels natural. In reinventing this experience, we took the interior content of an email, generated it as a thumbnail, and presented this to the user instead. Sender, subject line, and timestamp, are all a part of the image, and any attachments appear as thumbnails instead of paperclip icons. The result is something like Pinterest™ for email: users move quickly and naturally from one image to the next.

The progressive Birdseye email client allows users to sort and scan messages visually instead of just squinting at the screen. The clogged inbox suddenly becomes very manageable.


“A great user interface and a bold promise for the future of email on the iPad.”

— Appstorm

Birdseye was funded by De-De, an ad-tech incubator associated with the prestigious advertising agency Droga5. The Wall Street Journal and numerous industry-specific blogs such as TechCrunch and CIO covered it, while De-De presented it at the New York Tech Meetup.


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